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Building Trial Skills Courses

Building Trial Skills Courses

There’s no better place for you to deliberately practice your talent than a NITA Building Trial Skills program, where our expert instructors help you break down the skills that make for outstanding opening statements, direct examinations, cross-examinations and closing arguments. We will help you master the ability to select juries, admit exhibits, impeach and rehabilitate witnesses and have your non-verbal communication aid your message

Even if nine out of every ten of your cases settle before trial, when you learn trial skills by actually doing them, it translates into better outcomes for your clients. Whether you litigate, mediate, settle, or simply meet face to face with your client for advice, being confident in your ability to succeed if a dispute does go to trial empowers you to be a more influential advocate for your clients, in court—and out. If you're interested in applying for a scholarship to a trial skills program, click here.

"I will always be nervous, but after NITA I am not afraid."


Additional Trial Skills Training Courses

Expecting the Unexpected at Trial

This groundbreaking course teaches you to expect the unexpected at trial. What happens when your witness changes testimony? How do you handle surprises from the bench or opposing counsel? This program is a next-level training that mimics the live flow of trial like no other. Featuring the most performance time of any NITA program, we have cut out the case analysis, slashed the lectures, and heightened the pace. You will work closely with, and receive coaching from, our expert faculty who will challenge you while creating a supportive learning environment that encourages risk taking.

NITA Drills

Our Witness Examination Boot Camp is a rapidfire, three-day program that focuses on direct and cross-examination of witnesses, including impeachment and expert witness variations, as well as methods for delivering killer openings and summations. NITA’s groundbreaking “learning by doing” method ensures you’ll master new skills you never even knew you were missing. You’ll learn not only how to formulate great questions on the spot through muscle memory, but also how to think quickly and effectively on your feet—and the investment you’ve made over just a few days’ time will pay off the instant you step back inside the courtroom or take your next deposition.

NITA Gives you the Tools to Become a Better Lawyer

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