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NITA's Communication Courses

Whether you are looking to improve your writing skills or become a more persuasive advocate for your clients, NITA has a program for you. Our Writing Persuasive Briefs, Persuasive Storytelling and Presentation in the Courtroom, Articulate Advocate®, and Motions Skills courses give each participant the necessary tools to be a more effective communicator in and out of the courtroom. 

“The course was excellent. It was very informative and the drills and feedback were really great.”


Communication Skills Training Courses

Persuasive Storytelling & Presentation in the Courtroom

Bring your own case file and transform it from a dry legal presentation to an engaging, clear story. This program shows you how to make any courtroom presentation (openings, closings, oral arguments, or bench trials) into a narrative you can deliver with confidence.

Writing Persuasive Briefs

The goal of any piece of legal writing is to get the intended audience to form an opinion without having to do any additional research on its own. This legal writing program takes that notion and puts it into a three-step process, which gives participants the necessary tools to be effective, persuasive writers.

The Articulate Advocate®

This course focuses on the linguistic, cognitive, and vocal skills required for oral advocacy, whether for motions, trials, or appeals. This course is a two-day master class for lawyers, with learn-by-doing exercises for all phases of trial.

Online Motion Skills

This course is specifically designed to develop oral advocacy skills, as well as enhance an advocate’s knowledge of procedural and substantive law. This is achieved by combining focused pre-program prep with live on-screen practice.  Attendees watch a discussion of motion skills, as well as a brief demo of those skills, to lay the groundwork for effective motion practice.  Attendees then put these techniques to use during their on-screen performances over the three days of the program.

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