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Flexible. Strategic. Effective. No matter what you’re looking for in professional development at your firm or organization, you can find it at NITA. Combining a time-tested, learning-by-doing method with a group of faculty made up of the nation’s leading practitioners, judges, and law professors make NITA in-house programs unrivaled in quality, effectiveness, and relevance.

As the market leader in skills training programs for law firms and governmental entities, NITA has trained over 7,000 attorneys at nearly 200 professional development programs in just the last few years. Drawing from our 47 years of training experience, our programs are unmatched in quality and relevance to the profession.

We have expanded our training menu to address the core competencies needed of both corporate and litigation associates. NITA's learning-by-doing programs are known for developing the following fundamental skills clients expect from associates:

  • The ability to strategically analyze a client issue
  • The capability to effectively gather the facts in a cost-effective fashion
  • The capacity to advocate persuasively for the best solution for the client

There are three ways to get real experience: a case or problem within the firm; a pro bono case; or a NITA program. The first two are very hard to obtain. NITA is available to your associates."

A leading professional development officer

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What are the benefits of NITA in-house training courses?

  • A client brings a case to the firm. The firm takes on a pro bono case. The firm presents a NITA program. All are excellent ways to gain real-life experience. However, the first two aren’t always available for your attorneys. NITA is available, with real experience, real time.
  • NITA programs shorten the learning curve so associates can provide clients with superior work more quickly and become the leaders in the firm.
  • Associates seek more challenging work with the skills and confidence gained from a NITA program.
  • NITA in-house programs incorporate the firm’s culture. NITA designs each program schedule based on the law practiced at the firm and the scheduling requirements facing the firm. In addition, we conduct teacher training for your firm’s partners, allowing them to play an integral role in the lectures, demonstrations, and performance critiques.

Where are you in the training process?

NITA has recently expanded its training options to address the core competencies in advocacy and business skills demanded by today's marketplace. Whether your firm is in the process of reviewing your training efforts to ensure they meet your core competency goals, in the initial stages of formalizing training efforts, or looking to augment an existing training program, NITA is a leading resource for addressing your professional development needs.

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NITA Program Director Ed Sullivan tells viewers how a NITA program is different from other CLE courses through its learning-by-doing strategy, diverse teaching techniques, and more!