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Deposition Skills Courses

Deposition Skills Training Courses

Can you walk into a deposition convinced you’ll get the information you need and secure the admissions you want from the opposition? Or if it’s your witness being deposed, do you know how to prepare them for the experience and protect them from walking into traps?

These are some of the abilities you’ll hone when you attend a Deposition Skills program from NITA. For over forty years, we’ve offered advocacy training taught by a veritable “who’s who” of advocacy experts—trial lawyers, judges, and law professors—from across the country, volunteers who donate their time and dedicate it to your professional development. If you're interested in applying for a scholarship to a deposition skills program, click here.

"I really enjoyed it and thought it was very beneficial. It challenged me to explore techniques outside my comfort zone. Both the instructors and the participants were top notch."


Deposing the Expert Witness

This course is as real as it gets. NITA uses real experts trained in the case file’s subject matter. Exhausting an expert’s opinions requires focused questions and careful analysis of the answers. Using the learning-by-doing method, you will work on deposition techniques that will compel opposing experts to disclose each of their opinions and all of the bases and rationales for their opinions. This hands-on expert program also covers meeting with your expert to prepare for the opposing deposition. This program is designed either to follow Deposition Skills: D.C. or as a stand-alone program.

NITA Gives You the Tools to Become a Better Lawyer

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